Maintenance and Enhancements

Maintenance consists of bug fixes and corrections of program behavior to comply with expected functionality. Software maintenance includes enhancements to existing applications and additions to the software that WEBSWARE deems to be of general interest. New enhancements are continually being developed, and are available every six months to customers with current software maintenance. Additional programming charges apply in cases of entirely new software modules and for specific requests that do not seem to apply to general needs in optical retailing or practice management.

Software bugs are given the highest priority in our development system. All urgent problems are handled immediately, and are consistently fixed on the same day that they are reported. Any problems of which WEBSWARE becomes aware from another installation will be automatically passed along to all customers and automatically fixed. There is no charge for bug fixes. Requests for modifications are discussed and scheduled with the customer.

Support Communications

With WEBSWARE Software Maintenance and Support, your management and system administrator will have toll-free access to software designers, programmers, and hardware technicians. WEBSWARE sometimes utilizes electronic mail to communicate with its customers. Users can save mail for easy reference.

New Releases

New releases to SAPIENT consist of major enhancements and collections of many smaller enhancements. New releases are available every six months to customers with current software maintenance.

System software (Unix and any other third-party software incorporated into the system) are under the control of the other respective companies. You would be responsible for keeping all software up-to-date in order to fully benefit from enhancements to WEBSWARE software. All updates to system software will come through WEBSWARE.


The monthly cost for WEBSWARE Software Maintenance and Support is based on the number of offices or sites. Software maintenance is billed monthly, in advance.

Unix upgrades will be provided and billed on an as-needed basis. Actual costs for upgrades will be charged. Enhancements are usually only charged a media fee (diskettes, documentation, and handling). Major releases are more expensive, but less than the new price, of course. Any Unix upgrades can be chosen or refused based on applicability to the needs of the retail system (i.e., if it works, do not fix it). However, it may be necessary to keep up do date on these third-party upgrades in order to receive updates from WEBSWARE.


Normal support is provided from 9:00AM to 5:30PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Urgent support needs are handled whenever they arise.