Special Qualities

Superior Technology

  • SAPIENT is designed as a true multiuser and true point of sale system. This is just as important for a single-OD practice as a multi-office business.
  • Our advanced software technology provides a robust and comprehensive package.
  • The centralized database provides management control over inventory and ordering, and simplifies bookkeeping. The extensive marketing software within SAPIENT can be run for the entire company, and other monthly processes, such as recalls, statements, and service agreement renewal notices, can be centrally performed.
  • Connecting all offices on-line at all times speeds data transmission and gives central management the tightest possible control over branch offices.

Fast and Accurate Support

  • Toll-free help desk hotline with arrangement for 24-hour emergency access.
  • Immediate system modifications made via modem (telephone line) if a change is needed right away, or a problem occurs.
  • 100% customer satisfaction; excellent service mentioned by current customers in a national eye care computer magazine.

Customization Services

  • If you have special needs that are not already covered by SAPIENT, WEBSWARE will customize the system for you.
  • WEBSWARE can interface SAPIENT to other existing computer systems that you may have, such as corporate mainframes, surfacing lab systems, or accounting packages.
  • WEBSWARE can convert your existing computer data to SAPIENT. Also, document scanning and data entry services are available.
  • WEBSWARE was actually founded to provide custom computer services to its clients. Although SAPIENT as it currently exists will probably meet your needs, WEBSWARE takes a different approach to customer service than other companies.