Commonly Asked Questions

What are the advantages of connecting all of my offices on-line all day long to one central computer?

First of all, this method is technically the best way to integrate all of your offices into one system. There is no duplication of data, and orders are processed immediately. Inventory is available at all times to all users, for all locations. There is no chance for data to be lost or mislocated, since a human being is entering each keystroke onto the one computer at your home office.

In addition, the use of terminals and modems for your remote offices decreases the cost of setting up those offices. The more remote offices you have, the lower your average per-office cost.

Why use Unix?

An advanced operating system is needed to offer all of the features that are discussed throughout this document. Unix fills that bill. WEBSWARE has great experience with Unix and WEBSWARE is actually the operating system user. Your usage will be of our software through a menu interface. You will rarely, if ever, type a Unix command, and only then with our explicit instruction.

I already have a PC. What can I do with it?

Use it as a terminal on your new computer system. Call WEBSWARE for details.

I want to run some Windows programs on my computer. Will I be able to do that?

Yes, but on PCs, not the server. You can use the server for network storage and have your files backed up.

I thought modem communications were too slow for full-screen point of sale applications. How can SAPIENT work well in my remote offices?

Since the mid-1980s, fast modems have been available that work over normal phone lines. The current generation of modems will actually support terminal speeds faster than what we need. Depending on how many terminals are in an office, the speeds are either the same or slightly slower than terminals sitting in the same room as the computer. It works great!

What is host based on-line transaction processing? I thought I needed a Home Office Module.

Host based on-line transaction processing refers to a mainframe-like database system design. There is one central data repository, located on a powerful computer. All computer users actually do their work on the central database. In this way, the central database is continually updated with information from all locations which are hooked into it.

The term Home Office Module is used by some computer companies for their attempt to tie multiple offices together. That approach puts separate computers, with separate databases, in each office. Periodically, usually at night, sales and orders are transmitted to the home office. This does not apply to SAPIENT, since the data is already in the home office when it is entered at the point of sale!

SAPIENT sounds like it is for optical chains or large practices. I have a one OD office with two employees. Is SAPIENT feasible for me?

Definitely. WEBSWARE offers a complete entry-level turnkey system (equipment and software, already installed) at a very reasonable cost. You can start out using just some of the features, and begin using others later. You get a full year of toll-free help desk support and updates. WEBSWARE can arrange leases or standard financing, for a monthly payment that fits in with your cash flow. Please call WEBSWARE for details.