SAPIENT was designed from the outset to support multiple offices on-line as a host-based transaction processing system. There is one central data repository, and all information is accessible from each branch location. Customized menus and permission settings allow control of each user's ability to access information. If you have one office, the permissions and passwords still allow you to protect your data.

You may have heard the term "Home Office Module" in your search for a computer system. WEBSWARE does not have a home office module, because our entire system is home office based. SAPIENT is unique in the way it ties multiple offices together into one system. WEBSWARE uses your existing wide-area network or high speed modems and other special equipment over normal dial-up phone lines, resulting in very high-speed communications with low costs.

Because SAPIENT is so easy to use, so comprehensive, and so fast, our customers are able to use the system for true point of sale. This means that it is practical for you to enter all of the necessary order information while the patient is in the office. WEBSWARE accomplished a true point of sale system by efficiently organizing all of the necessary information onto very few screens. The on-screen forms are similar to a paper-based system.

The system encompasses:

  • patient and customer information
  • comprehensive item file pricing and availability
  • multiple pricing types for third-party plans or different branch locations
  • order entry/charging at point-of-sale (patient visit)
    • services, with diagnosis codes
    • glasses
    • frame tracing at point of sale
    • contact lenses and service agreements
    • other sundry items
    • cash sales
    • orders printed in the laboratory area as they are entered
    • electronic communication with wholesale labs via our DVI Bridge
  • order tracking and automatic faxing to vendors
  • inventory control and availability look-up for frames, contact lenses, and other sundry items
  • service agreement processing
  • accounts receivable/itemized statements/aging
  • insurance processing/third party billing and aging
  • membership benefit module (HMOs)
  • laser printer-generated forms (e.g., exam and follow-up forms, statements, superbills, patient ID cards)
  • bar coding for frames, contact lenses, sundries, spectacle lens ordering, and patient records
  • ELECTRONIC FRAMES™ interface
  • patient scheduling
  • patient recall with special frequent replacement program support
  • general ledger, with regional and complete financial statements
  • accounts payable
  • text editing for form letters
  • extensive administrative and inventory reporting
  • marketing from patient demographic data and order history
  • touch screen patient interview
  • interoffice communications via electronic mail
  • Unix system administration automated with menu options for any necessary user-initiated functions
  • many system default values exist that may be changed to customize the system for you