The SAPIENT Healthcare Systemâ„¢ from WEBSWARE provides a comprehensive business computer solution for the optometric, ophthalmic, and optical professions. Whether your needs are simply for recalls and billing or a complete accounting, inventory, and marketing system, SAPIENT gives you the most professional and efficient means to achieve your goals.

WEBSWARE has taken a business management approach to the computerization of your office, rather than simply providing a personal productivity tool. By streamlining the flow of information through your business and providing tight control over inventory, ordering, and retail pricing, SAPIENT helps you do more with your existing business to increase profitability. The patient marketing module utilizes both demographic and historical (order) data so you can target your marketing and increase sales.

In addition, SAPIENT excels at tying together all of your offices in a regional market. If applicable, this could be your single biggest benefit from computerization. WEBSWARE has designed a system that gives your central management extensive control without creating more work.

SAPIENT is built on the Linux operating system with Microsoft Windows clients. WEBSWARE has developed professional, superior quality software using advanced programming tools which allow us to respond efficiently to special needs. This translates into a more uniform user interface and fewer program bugs as compared to older-style software. SAPIENT is very easy to use.

WEBSWARE maintains a help desk, with a toll-free number, to handle any questions that you may have while using SAPIENT. And to provide software changes or help should you encounter a problem, we use the modem that is included for immediate response to your needs.

WEBSWARE seeks an ongoing relationship with its customers. Our goal is to provide you with the means to better manage and control your business. We guarantee you will be proud of your computer system, and we do whatever it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. By selecting WEBSWARE to implement your computer system, you will ensure a smooth and secure process of computerization.