WEBSWARE Professional Systems is a provider of turnkey information management systems for ophthalmic professionals. The company began in 1985, providing custom software only. It has since grown into a business providing complete computer systems (fully configured hardware, operating systems, software, training, and support). WEBSWARE was incorporated in July, 1989, when the founder finished optometric education.

Early in the history of WEBSWARE, custom programming and training were the only services offered. The first complete system solution began development in August, 1987. This system was specially written for an optometrist.

Beginning in November, 1988, WEBSWARE developed a billing system for a wholesale contact lens laboratory. This system was similar in complexity to the one in the optometrist's office, but it had a much-enhanced user interface. This same user interface was used when developing a contact lens service agreement system which became operational in July, 1989.

December 1989 marked the first installation of a WEBSWARE system after incorporation of the business. That system was a customized order entry/invoicing and accounts receivable system for a manufacturing company. The important impact of this installation was the effect on the user interface. The basic design was enhanced and rewritten to become the current menu- and event-driven system.

SAPIENT has been developed in response to the needs of both optometrists and opticians. Parts of the software have been in use since September, 1990: general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. In January, 1991, the frame inventory system was first used to provide instant access to frame availability. The retail POS system went on-line in May, 1991. Current and future development involves enhancements to the existing system, and the addition of new and better ways to do the same work, such as the use of touch screens for patient data input and interfaces to ophthalmic equipment.

WEBSWARE employees have many years of experience in Unix-based applications. WEBSWARE has provided hardware integration and installation at 125 customer locations to date. All of those locations run on Unix platforms. A full-time optometrist on the WEBSWARE staff directed development of the software. The optometrist continues to be available for consultation regarding development of enhancements and implementation of your system.